Coin Address Generator for PC and Mac

Written by Khoa Pham

  • Categories: Productivity
  • Released date: 10-15-15
  • Licence: $2.99
  • Version: 1.
  • File size 4.49MB
  • Compatibility Windows 11/Windows 10, Windows 8/Windows 7, Vista and Mac OS 10/11
  • How it works

What is Great

1. OpenSSL seeds are available at /dev/urandom. They guarantee very high entropy, so your keys will always be random and safe.

2. Would you hand over your money safe keys to strangers? The same is true for crypto-currencies. Only you can unlock it.

Description and Features of the Coin Address Generator

Key features

Latest Version: 1.1

Licence: $2.99

How does Coin Address Generator work? It allows you to go to a few websites and create an account. They will then manage your online wallets. It can also mean that your funds could be stolen or compromised. Also, some websites make it very difficult to export the private keys. Would you share your safe key with strangers to get your money? The same applies for cryptocurrencies, the money is truly yours when only you have the keys. AddressGenerator Features AddressGenerator allows you to create your own key pair. No extra dependencies. Support PC 10.11 Generate key pair using OpenSSL. On PC 10.13, it’s LibreSSL 2.2.7. This fork of OpenSSL was released in 2014. OpenSSL seed from /dev/urandom. This guarantees extremely high entropy and your keys will remain random and secure. There is no saving or networking. Your keys are generated by you and only your know it. Many cryptocurrencies available for fast support

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